Join the mi-fi team! We are looking for a Senior Accountant standard

We are currently seeking an Intermediate/Senior Accountant to join the team. With three years’ experience, you will be CA/CPA qualified or have recently commenced your studies with a view to carry these over to our Firm. As an experienced operator, you will be the key point of contact for approximately 200+ clients. With a strong focus on technology, we pride ourselves on being ahead of market trends. We have a solid team and culture in place, and are committed to finding the right person. You are a values based leader and inspire your team by getting in the trenches when necessary. Additionally, you possess all of the necessary soft skills; be hardworking, motivated, enthusiastic and curious as well as have ...

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ESOP Series #2: Eligibility Criteria for the Startup Concession standard

Following on from our first article we are going to go through the eligibility criteria to implement an employee share scheme under the Startup Concession. In designing and implementing an Employee Share Scheme under the Startup Concession the following conditions need to be met: The general eligibility criteria for all ESS. The Startup Concession company criteria. The Startup Concession offer criteria. General ESS Conditions Employment requirement: The taxpayer must be “employed” by the company that issued the ESS interest or its subsidiary at the time of acquiring the interest. Employees can include current, past or prospective employees and their associates. For the purposes of the ESS rules, directors and independent contractors are also treated as employees. Ordinary share requirement: when your employee acquires ...

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ESOP Series #1: Introduction to Employee Share Schemes and the Startup Concession image

Welcome to the first in our Employee Share Option Plan ('ESOP') series of blog articles. New legislation came into effect on 1 July 2015 that now makes the provision of an Employee Share Option Plan attractive to both startup company's and employees alike. Whilst the new laws make it easier and lest costly for startups to implement an ESOP, the mechanics of setting up a functional and compliant ESOP is a relatively new area for startups and their advisors. Our view is that this promotion of easy and cost effective has led many startups and their advisors to underestimate the attention to detail that is still required when setting up an ESOP. Unfortunately, this can have costly consequences. Since the Startup Concession was ...

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How to make payments directly from Xero using the Tyro Smart Account video

About the Tyro Smart Account We were excited to see Tyro be the first bank in the world to offer offer payments straight out of Xero. Using the Tyro Smart Account you can seamlessly make batch payments to multiple payees without entering data twice. Simply set up the payment in Xero and push it straight to Tyro for payment. Just some of the benefits of this feature include: One-touch bill approval from your iPhone No bank fees Reduced reconciliation time For the moment, the Tyro Smart Account is only available to Tyro customers who have a merchant facility with them but watch this space as we hope it’s popularity will see Tyro make it available to anyone. Learn how to make Batch ...

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What the 2016 Federal Budget tax changes mean for your small business standard

The 2016 federal budget builds on the favourable tax cuts for small businesses in last year’s budget and confirms a number of measures announced in the government’s innovation statement released earlier this year. We have outlined these measures below as well as  some practical advice about how to take advantage of them. It is important to keep in mind that these measures are not yet law and given that we are headed for an election in July, a change in government could see some of these measures fail to be enacted. Contents Small business entity threshold jumps to $10m Change in the company tax rate Discount on tax payable by other business entities (not companies) Immediate deduction for assets worth $20,000 or ...

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New accounting laws to affect Australian business, says leading law firm standard

By Mitchell Turner This article first appeared on Accountants Daily on 23 March 2016 and has been reproduced here for the important attention of our readers. On 23 February, the Federal Parliament passed into law the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Proceeds of Crime and Other Measures) Bill 2016, which sought to amend the federal criminal code and prohibit the making, altering, destroying or concealing of an accounting document; (i)  With the intention to facilitate, conceal, or disguise the giving or receipt of a payment not legitimately due to a person; or (ii) Reckless to the fact that doing so facilitates, conceals or disguises the giving or receipt of such a payment. The amendments themselves serve as a response to increasing international pressure ...

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Six key initiatives of the Innovation Statement that will boost your startup business video

The Turnbull Government’s Innovation Statement released this week sets the agenda for changes designed to make Australia more innovative. From our point of view, we are very excited by what these changes mean for our clients. The recent changes to the small business concessions were a step in the right direction, but this new agenda, in our opinion, will make it a great time to be a startup business or SME in Australia. So get excited! The following is quick overview of the key initiatives that your business can take advantage of. What is the Innovation Statement? The Statement is a summary of the Government’s policy agenda for innovation and science. It is broad but focussed on boosting the economy ...

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The Basics of Inventory Valuation image

With inventory being one of the biggest assets your company has, knowing the basics of valuation and identifying which accounting method to use is a must. Depending on the size and scope of your business, you may also find a couple of quick ways to do a stock valuation or inventory count quite handy. While there are a number of techniques and methods to choose from, let’s take a look at the three most commonly used and see what benefits they have. While we’re at it, we’ll also take a look at some quick valuation methods that can help you keep on top of your inventory management and accounting. First, some inventory basics. What counts as inventory? By inventory we ...

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Importance of Online Security image

Cyber Security

This is an important reminder to remain vigilant with your online security. Cyber crime is an issue globally, and scams are increasingly becoming more sophisticated. We strongly advise you to read the information below to help minimise the chances of your online safety being compromised. We are aware of ‘phishing’ scams currently targeting individuals with phone calls and emails that purport to be from the ATO and Xero. What is a phishing scam? A phishing scam aims to obtain information about you or gain access to your online accounts in order to steal confidential information. Scammers may use this confidential information in order to commit identity fraud. Scammers do this sending emails and making phone calls to individuals purporting to ...

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Congratulations to Bindle! A great example of how to get your business recognised. image

Bindle Telstra Business Awards

Picture: Catherine Blackford with mi-fi Partners, Kynan West and Campbell King at the 2015 Victorian Telstra Business Awards Gala Last Tuesday, 14 July 2015, we were thrilled to attend the Telstra Business Awards as guest of our client, friend and occasional blog contributor, Catherine Blackford. Catherine was a finalist in the Micro Business Category for her business Bindle. The Telstra Business Awards are Australia’s pre-eminent awards showcasing the best of Australian small business and is known for it’s rigorous assessment process. Although Catherine didn’t ‘take home the trophy’ on the night, to be recognised as one of five Victorian finalists from hundreds of applications is a huge honour. We have enjoyed watching Bindle grow from humble beginnings into a thriving ...

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