Business School
Practical business education delivered by professionals.

Learn from those in the know.

We work with hundreds of businesses on a daily basis, dealing with many of the issues that entrepreneurs and their teams will face throughout the life cycle of their venture. Based on real world learning, mi-fi Business School gives you knowledge and resources that you can put to use straight away.

Targeted delivery. Immediate ability.

Our Briefings and Classes are designed to deliver the knowledge and tools you need to tackle challenges as they arise, giving you on-demand skills as you need them. We focus on the practical elements of starting and growing your business rather than drowning you in theory.


Our aim is to fill your knowledge gap quickly with digestible information so you can confidently put your learning into practice.


Short sharp sessions (30 to 60 mins), designed to get you across particular subject matter at a high level quickly. If the material tickles your fancy, then you can enroll in training to get in the detail or get assistance from our professionals.


Training is delivered as 1 to 3 hour classes or workshops that will give you the essential theory as well as practical material to put into practice. Training is designed to be as interactive as possible using the tools and technology that you will use day to day.

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