Efficient, accurate record keeping, tailored for your business.

With a Business Essentials Plan you are responsible for the general data entry required to maintain your records. Xero and our LiveAdvisor support ensures this is an easy process.

We understand, however, that as a busy business owner you may not have the time, resources or desire to ‘do the books’ as your business grows. In this situation we can step in to provide the discipline and attention your record keeping requires to maintain accurate and up to date information.

Fast and Efficient

We employ streamlined processes and the latest technology to do your books far faster than traditional bookkeepers.

Time Saving

We stay on top of your transactions so you can spend more time growing your business.

Done by Accountants

Your records are maintained by skilled accountants who understand your business.

Cost Effective

mi-fi bookkeeping is a cost-effective alternative to employing administrative staff or third party bookkeepers.

from $154/month

  • The mi-fi bookkeeping service can provide any or all of the following
  • Reconciliation of all bank account transactions
  • Entry of accounts payable (‘bills’)
  • Management of employee payroll
  • Data entry and record management unique to your business

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