Advice and support when you need it. Without the hourly charges.

LiveAdvisor is the ultimate support resource for small to medium sized businesses. We believe that you should have access to experienced advisors who know your business and can help at a moment’s notice without the fear of being charged by the minute.

Our approach is to help you put out the little spot fires before they become a raging bush fire through lack of action. LiveAdvisor gives you the peace of mind to confidently run your business.

LiveAdvisor is included in every mi-fi Business Essentials Plan.


Technology Support

We are experts in cloud technology with specialist knowledge in a range of applications including Xero.

We can help troubleshoot day to day problems you may have with prompt phone and email support to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

General Business Support

We deal with a variety of business matters for clients across a range of industries.

It’s likely that we have dealt with the problem you are having before so we’ll be on hand to put your mind at ease with quick answers to many common problems.

Tax and Compliance Support

Should I be claiming this expenses as a tax deduction?

What do the recent changes to tax laws mean for me?

The ATO contacted me. What should I do?

We are here to answer all these questions and more, so you worry less.

Bookkeeping Support

Not sure how to reconcile a transaction in your accounts? We’ll either show you how to do it or if its more complex, we’ll jump in to Xero and do it for you.


This sounds too good to be true… how can you provide unlimited support for Business Essentials Plan clients?

We’re fair and we’ve found our clients are as well. We are invested in educating you and committed to solving problems so that they don’t come up again. We support a reasonable number of queries per client and we will let you know if you’re stretching the friendship.

What is the difference between support from mi-fi vs support from an application vendor?

Whilst many applications, like Xero, provide support it is limited to how to use their own application rather solving problems which are specifically related to your business workflows or accounting circumstances. They also rarely provide phone support which in some cases is preferable.

Our team provide support that takes into account the specific circumstances of your situation and also brings expert accounting and broad technology knowledge. We are accessible by phone and email so that you can get a quick resolution to your problem.

Are there limits to the queries and tasks you will support?

To help make sure we can keep all of our clients happy, LiveAdvisor covers general bookkeeping, tax, accounting, and business support. This means that queries and tasks that can be resolved within 20 minutes, by a phone call or short email, are in scope. Larger, more complex requests are out of scope.

For matters that aren’t covered by LiveAdvisor or another service we are engaged by you to provide, we’ll let you know where additional fees or engagements are required to resolve your query or task before we undertake it

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