Today’s post is by mi-fi client and passionate supporter of local business, Catherine Blackford, Owner and Operator of Bindle.

The idea of ‘buying local’ is a welcome departure from the trend towards globalisation. As more and more goods are imported from far-reaching corners of the globe, it’s becoming increasingly important for many consumers to understand where the products they buy come from, and how they get to market.

What constitutes buying locally? The general consensus is that ‘local’ refers to a product that has a ‘small number of intermediaries, or small distance, between the producer and consumer’.

So, why ‘buy local’?

Supporting local businesses injects money into the community, increases local economic growth, supports environmental sustainability and contributes to a unique value. Buying local has been shown to support producers in connecting with customers, promoting a feeling of community whilst supporting local jobs.

When you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned business, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and even nearby farmers, continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community.

Investing in the community not only supports local businesses, it is also assists in maintain a diverse community. One of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of a distinctive character and the ‘sense of place’ in a community.

Whether it’s the farmer who brings local apples to market or the local baker who makes our bread, knowing part of the story about the product you purchase is a compelling part of the enjoyment of buying.

If you are familiar with Bindle, hopefully you will be aware that Bindle is passionate about local produce and the positive environmental and social impacts associated.

So… this week, visit Happy Bill the Butcher, pour yourself a glass of wine from your nearby vineyard, and buy a Bindle gift for your friend or client.

About Bindle

A ‘Bindle’ is ‘a bundle of possessions carried by a hobo’. Like many I have had my hobo chapters and lived nomadically with very few possessions. I like to think of it as character-building, but back to the origins of Bindle. Unlike hobos who have no prescribed boundaries, Bindle is defined with a sense of place.

I faced an ever recurring small nightmare of trying to find an inspired gift for friends and family for milestone occasions. After seeing the world becoming a lot smaller due to globalisation, and local produce becoming less and less a feature in gift purchases, Bindle was born. Bindle engages local artisans to produce Australian, hand-made, tailored gift packages. There are Bindles for every occasion and every part of the creation is Australian – the products within the Bindles; the boxes that contain them; the hand that wrapped them.

Each Bindle is a compilation of several talented individuals that brings to it his or her own personality and creativity. It’s the inter-relationships that make each Bindle unique. The artisans, farmers, families, friends, and recipients. Each experience and exchange influences the final product both in a physical and in an attitudinal one. Gifts for your friends, your family and your colleagues. We assemble it, you take the credit.



Using the mi-fi network

As accountants we work with an array of different business. Each are local and offer many of the services you need to operate a successful business or in your day to day life. So if you need a product or service always remember to heed Catherine’s advice by contacting us. We’ll try to connect you with one of our fantastic clients who may be able to help.


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