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Deputy is the all-in-one web based solution that simplifies rostering, timesheets, tasking and communication.

We are a certified Deputy Specialist. We can implement Deputy in your business and integrate it into your wider operations including Xero.

Our services include initial and ongoing technical implementation, support and training integrated with accounting and advisory services specifically designed for the next generation of businesses.

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Key Features

All the tools to manage your staff.

Deputy Rostering

Employee Scheduling

  • Find available staff, create and publish schedules for them in minutes.
  • Deputy’s intelligent rostering capabilities ensures you schedule the right person every time.
  • Notify your staff of their shifts via SMS, email or the Deputy mobile app.
Deputy Timesheets

Time & Attendance

  • Keep track of when and where your people work.
  • Timesheets are created automatically when employees start and end their shifts with Deputy Kiosk or Smartphones.
  • Approving timesheets is as simple as clicking “Approve” and can be automated to save you time.

Payroll Integration

We can integrate Deputy with Xero to seamlessly manage your payroll.

  • Automatically calculate an employees pay based on their contract or award.
  • Post details straight to Xero and get your employees paid correctly and on-time.
Deputy Communications


  • Keep your employees in the loop with fast and easy announcements.
  • Share important messages with specific locations or across your entire business.
  • Anyone can make announcements and it’s a great way to get your people involved at work.
Deputy Tasking


  • Create your own task list or assign tasks to others.
  • Stop worrying about your employees forgetting what to do.
  • Simply assign them a task and they’ll get a notification sent straight to their smartphone.
  • You can even get notified when they’ve been completed.
Deputy Reports


  • Our Report Widgets point out any irregularities that might occur in your business each week.
  • See exactly where your employees have started or ended a shift on a map.
  • Determine the variance between the total hours rostered and total time actually worked.
  • See an overview of your staff’s performance and see all their upcoming availability and leave requests.
Deputy Mobile

In Your Pocket

Deputy’s iPhone app lets you see what’s going on at your workplace even when you can’t be there in person.

See who’s working, make announcements, stop/start shifts, create tasks and contact or replace missing people.

The Deputy Kiosk for iPad

The Deputy Kiosk is a great way to allow your employees to start and stop their shifts from an iPad located at your workplace.

Employees can also make announcements, apply for leave, update their available hours and create, complete and assign tasks.

Employers can even add new staff members to Deputy straight away.

Deputy Ipad

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