From idea to exit, we’ll be invested in your startup’s success.

Our Startup Experience

Our team have extensive experience working with startups and high growth businesses and understand what you need from an advisor. We have helped young entrepreneurs build thriving ventures from idea to execution and exit.

For you it is about focusing on the hustle and creativity of turning an idea into revenue and profits. We are here to support and guide you through the maze of challenges that confronts you as an entrepreneur.

Like you, we see things differently.

Business is changing rapidly, every day. Technology is pervasive in the products you build, as well as the way you manage your team and operations of your business.

We understand this. mi-fi is built on a foundation of young, enthusiastic people with an unequaled ability to manage change and understand technology’s capabilities.

“mi-fi get it. They walk the walk. Their combination of experience, intelligence and personality is like nothing I have seen from professional advisors.”

Matt Elsley, Co-Founder, QSIC

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How we help

Accounting, Tax and Support

The chances of success for a startup are greatly improved by getting the basics right. Activities like record keeping, tax and compliance can seem like a burden but are unfortunately a fact of life for every business. The businesses that tackle this proactively will succeed more often than those that don’t.

We make it easy by driving the process with our Business Essentials Plans, a comprehensive suite of essential tax, accounting and on-demand support, packaged into a simple monthly fee.

Business Structuring

Building a business with the right structure is like building a house with the right foundations. A bigger, better and stronger business all stem from implementing and understanding the appropriate structure from the beginning.

We’ll work with you to understand the goals of your business. Is it to IPO? Perhaps a trade sale is more likely? Are you seeking investment? Aligning your structure with your business model, goals and other stakeholders will set you up for success and avoid expenses and challenges in the future.

Employee Share Option Plans

Your team is your biggest asset. By giving them a stake in your business you’ll incentive them to work with you as co-owner’s to drive growth.

In right circumstances an ESOP can align your team and help you attract and retain the best talent. Of course, balancing this with the overall equity structure of your company is a delicate task.

We can help you determine whether an ESOP is appropriate for your company, as well as implement and manage it to ensure it has the intended outcome.

Equity Advice & Management

Ownership in a fast growth company is fluid and at times complex. Value shifts from one party to another often. Understanding and managing your equity structure will ensure that all your stakeholders are aligned and that everyone gets their fair share of your startups success.

We can help you professionally manage your share register, corporate secretarial, investor relations and cap table. In doing so you’ll give your stakeholders confidence and improve the chances that they will continue to support you.

Product Consulting

We’ve worked with hundreds of technology products both as users and advisors. We have also built products ourselves. We appreciate the application development process and that understanding business and finance logic is integral to the success of any application.

We can provide our knowledge and experience to help you map out accounting processes, algorithms and your users financial interactions with your product. Applications integrating with Xero and payment services are our specialty.

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