Ownership made easy.


Equityspace makes it easy for companies to manage their equity and meet their compliance obligations.

The challenge

At mi-fi we manage the corporate registers of hundreds of companies, managing various stakeholders such as shareholders and employees participating in employee option plans. We have also assisted many of those clients in raising money from investors.

As part of this, we have had to deal with competing demands for information and finding a source of truth for our clients’ corporate registers. From locating share certificates misplaced by clients, to getting a clear picture of a company’s cap table, there was no existing solution focussed on managing the corporate register for Australian companies. So, we decided to build it ourselves.

The solution

Equityspace provides a suite of powerful tools on a platform that brings stakeholders together in managing ownership in companies, and in the future, other privately held assets.

The platform acts as a central source of truth of corporate governance documents and ownership information for companies, shareholders, and advisors to these entities. In doing so, it allows us and other Equityspace advisors to deliver cost effective advice and services to clients with more complex corporate governance needs.

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