A virtual tax accountant that completes your tax return in less than five minutes.


Created by mi-fi in collaboration with Ingenious AI, TaxBot is a first of its kind chatbot that allows Australians to complete their individual tax return in five minutes.

The challenge

mi-fi’s core strength is managing the needs of businesses, business owners and professionals with complex needs.

At the same time however, we regularly receive requests from people asking us to assist them with simple affairs. We wanted a way to help younger people with simple tax profiles, especially with respect to filing their returns quickly and affordably.

Many people don’t need to pay an accountant big money to file basics returns, but they still want a fast and accurate solution that guides them through the process and provides peace of mind that they’ve completed their return correctly.

The solution

Acting as a virtual tax accountant, TaxBot engages in a simple conversation with users over Facebook Messenger to help them complete their tax return efficiently and affordably. TaxBot is a registered tax agent with proprietary technology integrated directly with ATO systems.

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