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Real people dedicated to your financial success.

Personal Wealth Essentials

Essential tax and on demand support

mi-fi Personal Wealth Essentials provides you with access to personalised financial advice without the hefty price tag or a focus on selling you products.

We take care of your individual tax return, ensuring you get the best result, whilst giving you access to a team of accountants and advisors to help you navigate the world of tax and finance. As a Personal Wealth Essentials client we are by your side to keep you focussed on your finances, giving you the peace of mind that you have a qualified advisor to turn to when you need it.

Maintaining financial discipline and getting the right advice when you need it is the key to financial success – this is where your mi-fi advisor comes in.

Your advisor will help you to become an expert in your own financial health. This includes

  • Familiarising yourself with your financial circumstances
  • Helping you understand key financial and tax concepts
  • Looking for opportunities to build your wealth
  • Introducing you to services and professionals that can help you succeed

On Demand Support

From questions about tax deductibility to helping you understand complex financial matters, your expert advisors will be available to help whenever you need it. Through our ongoing relationship we build a complete picture of your financial affairs so that we can quickly provide you with the expert advice you require.

Income Tax Returns

Our ongoing relationship with you helps us understand your current and future tax position in detail. We plan for and prepare your annual income tax return to ensure that you get the best result and it is lodged on time. We also plan for future years by developing tax effective strategies based on your financial goals.



$50 per month

  • Initial Goals and Values session
  • One Individual Income Tax Return
  • On Demand Email and Phone Support

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$90 per month

  • Initial Goals and Values Session
  • Two Individual Income Tax Returns
  • On Demand Email and Phone Support

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Personal Wealth Extras

Tailored services for your unique circumstances

Personal Wealth Extras are a suite of specialised services that allow you to tailor a package to suit your unique needs, helping you to meet your financial goals.

Armed with detailed knowledge of your circumstances we are ready to deliver a range of bespoke services at the time when they will deliver the most value to your financial position.

Budget Management

Lifelong wealth starts with good discipline and habits. We understand that between your day job and all the other activities in life this can be hard to achieve. Our budget management program is designed to be the oversight you need to stay on track with your financial goals and give you the discipline you need to succeed.

We use Xero to track your income and spending and provide a regular report including insight and practical tips on how to improve your day to day financial management.

Risk Management

Hard work and having a family are some of the most satisfying parts of life. They also put you in a position where there is something to lose. We can help you identify those risks and ensure that you have peace of mind that your wealth and your family are protected from financial loss through appropriate insurance. Our approach is about appropriate protection for your stage in life taking into account your whole financial picture.

Investment Advice

A well paying job, disciplined saving and/or an inheritance may put you in a position where you have funds to invest. Choosing the right investments for your circumstances will help you achieve your financial goals faster.

Unfortunately, the investment landscape is ever changing and the options numerous. Our expert financial advisors work with you to develop advice tailored to your position.

We work on a fee for service basis that is free of conflicted remunerations such as commissions giving you the peace of mind that you are receiving advice that is in your interests only.


Superannuation is not just a requirement for you to enjoy your life in its later years, it is also a fantastic tax effective investment vehicle that can help you build significant wealth. The earlier you start focussing on superannuation the greater it’s returns.

We can help you determine the best approach to superannuation based on your circumstances. From managed funds to self managed superannuation, our team are experts in helping young people manage and grow their superannuation.

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