Tyro is an integrated card payment acceptance solution that streamlines your business processes and improves your bottom line.

mi-fi are a specialists in integrating Tyro with your existing cloud based point of sale. We can implement Tyro into your allied health, retail or hospitality operation and integrate it into your wider business operations including Xero.

Our services include initial and ongoing technical implementation, support and training along with integrated accounting and advisory services specifically designed for the next generation of retail and hospitality businesses.

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Key Features

Integrated EFTPOS solutions tailored to your needs.

Serve more customers

Tyro’s Tap & Go-enabled EFTPOS terminals connect seamlessly to your POS/PMS via Wi-Fi or broadband and offer sub 1.6-second card payment processing speeds. So you can keep your queues moving and your business booming, even at the busiest of times.

Increase your productivity

Tyro’s integrated EFTPOS solution eliminates the need for double entries, abolishes re-keying errors and makes reconciliation a breeze. By streamlining your back office, you can improve your bottom line and do what you do best-focus on your customers.

Get best value

There are no transaction limits, lock-in contracts, set-up costs, admin or break fees, and Tyro’s merchant service fees are transparent and fair. Take payments from all major EFTPOS, credit and debit cards including UnionPay and American Express via Apple Pay.

Accelerate your growth

With Tyros’ fee-free interest-bearing business Smart Account you can integrate accounting, banking and payment processing and get easier access to working capital. With Tyro, you can accelerate your growth.

Rely on proven availability

With built-in 3G back-up, two ‘live-live’ data centres, and proven non-stop operating system, your EFTPOS will always be there when you need it. Tyro’s EFTPOS terminals are NBN ready so the transition will be seamless.

Get 24/7 support

Tyro’s Australia-based Customer Support is available from 7am to 7pm (AEST), seven days a week. Their expert knowledge means your queries get resolved faster.


Every hour should be happy hour

No stress at bill time

Tyro’s Pay@Table makes payments so easy. Your customers can use their PIN to securely pay, split and tip without leaving the table. Even better, your POS won’t be locked down while bills are being settled, so you can process payments quickly, turn tables faster, and still provide service with a smile.

Worry free bar tabs

No more walk-outs or insufficient funds. With Tyro’s BarTab function, customers pre-authorise their bar tab limit and hold onto their card. You can finalise the tab without seeing the card again and your customers are only charged for what they use. They won’t regret anything in the morning and neither will you.

Reconcile with ease

Easy reconciliation is finally a reality. Your cash register and EFTPOS reports always match, so you can forget time-consuming manual adjustments or tip entries. You can choose from manual or automatic settlement up to 5am – there’s no need for printouts each evening and you can go home a little earlier.

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Allied Health

EFTPOS, Health Fund & Medicare Easyclaim

Smart integration

Tyro HealthPoint solution seamlessly integrates EFTPOS, Health Fund Claiming and Medicare Easyclaim1 with your Practice Management System. There are fewer keystrokes, no double data entry errors for fast, easy, payments and claiming and no more outstanding debt. And a better all-round experience for your customers.

Superior technology

Lightning-fast 3 second billing and claiming transactions using your existing practice broadband. There are no phone lines or messy cabling. Benefit from Tyro’s proven system availability, new generation terminals with colour display, built-in printer, fast Tap & Go payments and EFTPOS back-up for internet failover.

Maximum flexibility

You’ll have 98% coverage of the health insured population, plus no lock-in contract, no phone line costs, no phone authorisation fees, no set up costs, no admin fees, no break fees, and no chargeback fees. And you’ ll benefit from Tyro’s excellent and speedy Customer Support. As easy as that!

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Put the power back in to purchasing

Time is money

Time waits for no one, so reduce customer churn with our average three-second transactions that work with most POS software. With shorter queues and less stress in even the busiest retail periods, Tyro merchants always muster a ho, ho, ho!

Reconcile with ease

Easy reconciliation is finally a reality. Your cash register and EFTPOS reports always match, so no more time-consuming manual adjustments. Choose from manual or automatic settlement – there’s no need for printouts each evening and you can go home earlier.

Global payments

With the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) feature, customers can pay in more than 135 different currencies. There’s no surprises when they get back home and you’ll earn extra revenue from the generated foreign exchange margins.

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