Briefing: Employee Share Option Plans for Startups standard

Looking to implement an Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) for your startup? This briefing will give you a quick but detailed overview of implementing an ESOP under the Startup Concession. Content We’ll cover key questions including: What is an employee share scheme? Is an ESOP suitable for your company? What has changed? What are the eligibility requirements of the Startup Concession? How do I navigate the tax and disclosure requirements? How do I value the options I issue? What documentation do I need?   We’ll also go through an example from start to finish to help you put it all into context. We’ll also be available to answer specific questions and assist in helping you take the next steps in ...

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ESOP Series #1: Introduction to Employee Share Schemes and the Startup Concession image

Welcome to the first in our Employee Share Option Plan ('ESOP') series of blog articles. New legislation came into effect on 1 July 2015 that now makes the provision of an Employee Share Option Plan attractive to both startup company's and employees alike. Whilst the new laws make it easier and lest costly for startups to implement an ESOP, the mechanics of setting up a functional and compliant ESOP is a relatively new area for startups and their advisors. Our view is that this promotion of easy and cost effective has led many startups and their advisors to underestimate the attention to detail that is still required when setting up an ESOP. Unfortunately, this can have costly consequences. Since the Startup Concession was ...

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