Powerful cloud-based inventory and order management software.


Our successful eCommerce clients are powered by TradeGecko, an inventory and order management software that is tightly integrated with Xero.

TradeGecko provides you with the visibility and control you need to manage your business performance, and tools to engage more customers and business opportunities. Manage the back-end of your inventory and customer base in real-time, ensuring you never miss a thing.

TradeGecko forms the foundation of our services to growing eCommerce and other product based businesses.

With TradeGecko we can help you:

✓ Manage inventory in multiple locations both locally and globally

✓ Juggle the intricacies of selling in multiple countries and currencies

✓ Synchronise your orders with your inventory and Xero

✓ Maintain accurate customer, supplier and product data

✓ Analyse your data to plan your sales and inventory needs

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