Business Essentials Plans

We offer a comprehensive suite of essential tax, accounting and on-demand advice packaged into a simple monthly fee. No compromise will be made when it comes to the integrity of your financial information.

Why a Business Essentials Plan

Dedicated business support

Our team of skilled advisors are on call to provide advice and support for all your general business, tax and accounting needs.


Powerful tax advice

We diligently review and plan your business tax affairs to ensure you pay the right amount, no more, no less. We also provide you with visibility of your future tax liabilities and obligations to help you manage the cash flow consequences of paying it.

In doing so you’ll have the peace of mind that the chance of any nasty tax surprises have been minimised.


Real-time information

See how your business is performing in real-time. With Xero as your accounting platform and a team of advisors managing your accounts, you’ll have all the information you need to make better decisions.


Always compliant

Rest easy with the knowledge your business is compliant. We manage your relationship with the ATO and other government bodies and notify you if action needs to be taken.


Proactive services

We don’t wait for you to ask us for help. All your key business milestones are planned for ahead of time and are executed by us throughout the year. Our systems allow you to be in a state of readiness when opportunity presents for growth or when unforeseen problems arise.


Ongoing education

Our goal is to make you the best business operator you can be. We help you understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ through constant education in our interactions with as well as resources and events.

What’s included


LiveAdvisor is the ultimate support resource for startups and small to medium sized businesses. We


believe that you should have access to experienced advisors who know your business and can help at a moment’s notice without the fear of being charged by the minute. Contact us to get the answer an help you need when you need it. If it's something more complex that we can't help with quickly, we'll work out the best way to assist and help you understand your options. Our approach is to help you put out little spot fires before they become raging bushfires through lack of action. LiveAdvisor gives you the peace of mind to confidently run your business.


Tax planning

Our sophisticated annual income tax planning service provides highly valuable insight into the 


impacts of tax on your business and its owners. We undertake a thorough review of the businesses tax position on multiple fronts, looking toward the impending end of the current financial year, as well as years to come.We work with you to understand the important milestones that are on the horizon, factoring them into our calculations of your tax liabilities for the coming year. We deliver you a comprehensive tax planning report with our suggested strategies to reduce your tax and quantify the amount and timing of these liabilities, so you can plan accordingly.


Financial statements

We prepare a complete set of financial accounts for your business entity. These are an 


important summary of the performance of your business and are necessary when communicating your business position to investors, lenders and government bodies. Regular reviews of your accounts and ongoing collaboration means your financial information is kept up to date throughout the year which enables timely and efficient end of year reporting.


Income tax return

At the end of the financial year we will prepare and submit your business entity's income tax return to the ATO. Our proactive process 


ensures that your return is prepared accurately and lodged before the due date or earlier in line with your needs.


ASIC compliance

For clients with structures that include a company, we will assist you in meeting your obligations to


ASIC under the Corporations Act, helping you avoid penalties. We will update ASIC with changes to your company records, alert you to your annual company statement, prepare your annual solvency statement and advise you of any fees payable to ASIC from time to time.


Payroll compliance

Meeting your payroll obligations to your employees and the ATO is one of your most important


compliance obligations. We’ll support you in meeting this obligation including reporting your businesses wages and superannuation regularly as they occur and at year end. We ensure your payroll reconciles, assist you in issuing payment summaries to your employees and providing the ATO with an annual summary report. We’ll help you use Xero to make this process easy with ‘one touch payroll’ reporting and auto superannuation payments. In doing so we keep you compliant and help you avoid penalties from the ATO.


Activity statement review & lodgement

At the end of each quarter we review your accounts and transactions to ensure you are 


reporting and remitting the correct GST and PAYG figures to the ATO. We drive the process to ensure that with your help, we get your activity statement lodged accurately and on time. We treat this process as an important regular review of your accounts, allowing us to identify any compliance issues or opportunities to improve your record keeping.


ATO relationship management

We assist your business in maintaining a positive relationship with the ATO by acting as your 


Registered Tax Agent. In addition to your regular GST, PAYG and Income Tax reporting requirements, we attend to all general correspondence from the ATO; flagging matters that require your attention and helping you to resolve them.





Businesses with one operating entity, no employees (other than founders/owners) and annual revenue of $2m or less



Businesses with one operating entity, up to 10 full time employees and annual revenue of less than $2m

Team Plus


Businesses with one operating entity, up to 20 full time employees and annual revenue of less than $2m


POA retainer

Businesses with one or more operating entities, more than 20 employees or $2m+ p.a. in revenue

The above pricing is a guide. We’ll provide you with a customised proposal that addresses your specific requirements based on your business needs.

Business Essentials Plans require an appropriate Xero subscription which you can either subscribe directly to or through us.


App Advisory & Support

Streamline your business workflows and data with our app advisory services. 


Efficient and accurate record keeping tailored to your business. Let us manage the capture and manipulation of financial data.

Business Performance Plans

Take your business to a new level with regular analysis, insight and forecasting to help you stay focussed and disciplined.

Frequently asked questions

Getting started:

After learning about your needs, we will provide you with an engagement letter to sign and following your acceptance, will begin the on-boarding process, which includes:


✓ Gathering all necessary information about you and your business


✓ Setting up your Xero file, or reviewing your existing Xero file, including (where applicable):


✓ Connecting bank feeds


✓ Reviewing the accuracy of existing data and account balances (existing businesses)


✓ Importing account opening balances


✓ Customising your invoices (if applicable)


✓ One-on-one training on Xero and best practices using mi-fi’s systems and procedures


✓ Reviewing your position with the ATO including details, outstanding lodgements & account balances


✓ Adding you to our Tax Agent lodgement program so that you receive concessional due dates on your activity statement and income tax return lodgements


✓ Reviewing your position with ASIC (for companies) including details, outstanding lodgements and debts, submitting application to act as an agent


✓ Reviewing your business structure


Our onboarding process ensures that any issues are identified early, your financial information is accurate, and there is a foundation for your ongoing services to be delivered efficiently.

Engagement fee

There is a one-off engagement fee of $990 inc. GST for all new Business Essentials Plans, payable on commencement. This fee covers all the necessary onboarding activities outlined above.


Xero conversion or rectification

For existing businesses coming from another accounting system (e.g. MYOB), we will need to convert your information to Xero. This process varies from client to client, depending on factors such as the volume of data and the state of existing records. A fee estimate will be provided prior to commencing the transition process.

For clients already on Xero, where we find incorrect financial information relating to periods prior to our engagement or other issues that will impede the ability for us to effectively deliver our services, we will advise and provide a fee estimate to rectify these matters. Issues or amendments we consider to be minor are covered by our onboarding fee.

Retainer plans

Our Retainer Plan is a flexible arrangement that allows you to receive all the benefits of our processes and systems for the specific services you require.

The services we provide under the retainer cover your minimum requirements. Any additional services to be provided on a regular basis can be added to your engagement as needed and your retainer will be adjusted accordingly.

Any services outside of the scope of the Retainer Plan (for example ad hoc one-off services) will be detailed in a separate proposal provided to you prior to the commencement of work for those services.


While we will always endeavour to deliver our services to you in the most cost-effective manner, the recurring monthly fee under your retainer agreement is our minimum charge for scheduled services. If time spent on the scheduled services exceeds the minimum fee, additional charges will apply in accordance with our engagement terms. Any additional services requested will also be charged in accordance with our engagement terms.

You can fix the fee by selecting one of our Fixed Fee Plans, where you meet the criteria for the relevant plan.

In circumstances where we have worked with you for at least 12 months and your ongoing requirements are consistent we may offer to fix our fee.

Client responsibilities:

Our goal is to efficiently meet the agreed deliverables set out in the Business Essentials Plan. We will drive the process and do everything in our power to meet these deliverables.

As a client, we ask that you:


✓ Provide accurate and timely information when requested


✓ Action our requests promptly


✓ Consider our advice, when provided, with appropriate time and attention


✓ Take the time to learn from us


We will go the extra mile to help you meet your responsibilities however where you fail to meet them, additional fees may apply, or we may be required to cease our engagement with you.


It is important that a person or persons in your business are responsible for providing information and actioning requests as required.

Fixed fee plans:

Fixed Fee Plans are fixed to the advertised monthly fee in so far that the services provided are covered by the scope outlined in your engagement letter. Services provided outside of scope will be billed in accordance with our engagement terms.

In addition, please refer to the information below relating to plans that start part way through a financial year.

Your plan will commence on an agreed date which is typically the first day of the month following the return of your signed engagement letter.

Your monthly fee for your Business Essentials Plan will be direct debited from your nominated bank account. You may also choose to use a credit card however a surcharge does apply.

Yes. Your plan is a contract for a period of 12 months from 1 July to 30 June. Our services are delivered over the financial year and our pricing is designed to reflect this.

Additional fees apply for plans that start part way through a financial year (1 July to 30 June) as follows:

Fixed Fee Plans commencing in July


✓ No additional fees are payable for services outlined in the Fixed Fee Plan

Fixed Fee Plans commencing post July


✓ Additional fees will be payable in relation to your end of year accounts and tax returns


✓ At year end we will ascertain any additional fees payable and issue a separate invoice


Our fixed fee plans are priced on an annual basis and split into 12 monthly payments. The additional year end fees are in lieu of the fact that a bulk of work is done at year-end and that where 12 payments have not been collected there may be a shortfall in the fees collected.

These fees also recognise that as a first time client we cannot be entirely sure of the state of your affairs until we begin work.

Our Fixed Fee Business Essentials Plans have been designed to accommodate the majority of your annual business accounting and compliance needs. But we understand that every business is unique and from time-to-time you may require services outside of what’s included in your plan.

On such occasions, we will let you know what needs to be done and will clearly advise you on any additional charges prior to accrual. If you have a specific requirement not covered by the services listed in your relevant plan, please contact us.


Our Fixed Fee Plans have been developed in a way that gives us certainty that we can efficiently deliver the included services for the advertised price. If you would like to customise the services provided you can select a Retainer Plan, however these are not delivered on a fixed fee basis (see below).

Your plan is fixed for the financial year and any changes to your pricing will be made at the end of the financial year. For example, if your business has no employees when you sign your engagement you will be on the ‘Starter’ plan. If during the current financial year, you employ five people, your plan and pricing will not change. Your plan would be revised at the end of the financial year to the ‘Team’ plan.

We take this approach in good faith and to provide certainty for your annual accounting fees. Please note, we reserve the right to change your plan during the financial year where there are substantial changes to your circumstances. For example, if you were to buy a business that saw your number of employees or revenues significantly increase above the thresholds set for the plan you are on.

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