Personal Wealth

At mi-fi, we believe wealth management isn’t just about retirement – it’s about building your life today.

Guiding you through milestones

We work with business owners and professionals to help ensure you are making the most of your wealth today and consolidating for the future.

While you’re focused on career growth, paying off mortgages, getting married and having children, we ensure that you are sustainably building your wealth to enjoy now and in the future.

What we offer

Why mi-fi?

mi-fi’s personal wealth arm is not bedded down in legacy financial advice practices. We are committed to providing you value and a significant return on investment when you engage us.

We offer risk assessment and wealth generation solutions that are tax effective and designed to suit your unique goals and lifestyle.

Accountability and discipline

mi-fi will ensure that there are systems in place to create a level of accountability and discipline within so that you can reach your personal financial goals.

Maximisation of personal wealth

mi-fi will assign an advisor to assist in maximising your personal wealth on an ongoing basis and will be on hand to offer peace of mind that your financials are in order, protected and maintained.

We will analyse your current financial position including your tax, super, and assets to build and continuously grow your wealth, as well as act as a sounding board for ideas and issues that may arise in the future.

Ongoing success to generate wealth

mi-fi will monitor business activity to ensure ongoing success and generate wealth within your business as well as your own personal wealth. We will analyse your current financial position in order to project and analyse your future financial status and make sure that your personal financial goals are being met.

The ongoing relationship with your financial advisor ensures that you understand and are aware of the processes in place and are part of the system that is developing and enhancing your wealth.

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