Private wealth

Grow your wealth to enjoy the present, and look forward to the future.

Guiding you through milestones

Whether you’re a career professional, an entrepreneur, or both, we’ll make your money work hard for you and your family. We’ll provide you with the clarity and discipline necessary to keep you on track in optimising wealth creation and protecting your assets.

Our approach

mi-fi’s personal wealth services are not bedded down by outdated financial advice practices. We provide true fee for service advice and support that you expect from qualified professionals, not sales people.

Our approach is grounded in our experience in advising entrepreneurial businesses. We treat your personal finance like a business operation that needs the right mix of strategy, compliance and support to ensure that you can focus on running the day to day of your life and career with the peace of mind that your hard work will yield profitable results.

Accountability and discipline

Our processes foster accountability and discipline to ensure you can reach your personal financial goals. We’ll push you to stay on track and keep you focussed on meaningful targets.


Our services and our team work across accounting, tax and financial planning disciplines to create a holistic approach to your affairs. We get all the right people in the room for maximum effect.


We don’t just go through the motions. We’ll use all the tools in our kit to find opportunities where we can. Thoroughly, diligently and legally.

What we can help with

We offer holistic wealth protection and generation solutions that are tax effective and designed to suit your unique goals and lifestyle.


Personal debt is often taken for granted yet can have a big impact on your wealth. 


We can help you structure your debt so that it is tax effective, economical and risk managed. We’ll help you find the right finance for your situation. Focussing on finding solutions that tie into your overall strategy, not just interest rate.


Wealth protection

No matter what age you are, having the right personal insurance is essential to 


your financial security and to protect your current lifestyle, business and retirement plans. Given the number of insurance providers in the market and diverse types of cover, our specialist risk advisors make sure you get the right insurance to protect your family and your business.


Investment advice

Our focus is on advice. At the forefront are your goals and objectives, including 


your personal and, if applicable, your business situation. Once we identify the issues and opportunities, we build a plan and help you execute it.


Superannuation advice

For the young and the young at heart super is often hard to connect with and easily


disregarded. Yet super is the most tax effective vehicle for building wealth that you’ll one day be very thankful for! We simplify the complexities of superannuation and connecting the dots to make it relevant to you to. There are many superannuation strategies which can boost your super, reduce your tax, increase your cash flow and help you realise your retirement goals sooner rather.


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